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A release is a collection of one or more songs made available for the public to acquire, either for purchase or for free.

Release history

The Gliding Faces have released the following packages to date:

Release name Type Date Catalogue number Artwork
Feeling queer Maxi-single 2021-11-12 TGF001
Feeling queer.png
Now you're in trouble Maxi-single 2021-11-26 TGF002
Now you're in trouble.png
Dark Matters Album 2021-12-10 TGF003
Dark Matters.png
Cut out my heart Maxi-single 2022-02-04 TGF004
Cut out my heart.png
In the dead of night Maxi-single 2022-03-04 TGF005
In the dead of night.png
Running up that hill Maxi-single 2022-07-03 TGF006
Running up that hill.jpg